It’s hard to believe having two and a half weeks slightly below your best can lead to talks of a man who brought unprecedented success packing his bags and even harder to believe that “loyal” supporters catching the early train home because of a few below-par performances.

Why the panic, Chelsea fans? Yes, a 3-0 defeat to Sunderland and a 2-0 loss to Liverpool aren’t the greatest results, but they’re not in any way a reason to sack Ancelotti already in the trigger-happy way our club has become associated with, and they are certainly no reason to leave in the eightieth minute. There were key mistakes in key positions at key moments and that’s what cost us. That’s football. That’s life.

There’s no person alive who doesn’t have their off days. If the timing of these coincide unfortunately with your fellow employees, and key personnel are injured – you are more than likely going to get the raw side of the deal.

Give credit to Liverpool and Sunderland for some of the best performances in years against the Chelsea blue.

Don’t give credit to Birmingham. We were still a few brushstrokes short of the finished canvas, but 25 shots speaks volumes of our build up play. What it doesn’t say much about is the scoring potent of a malaria-ridden target man.

The youngsters were the stars of Stamford Bridge on Wednesday night. Rightfully so. McEachran completed an astonishing 102 out of 120 passes on Wednesday night – more than anyone else on the field.

Patrick Van Aanholt sent the stadium rumbling, displaying his Ashley Cole successor credentials and smashing the woodwork whilst Jose Mourinho’s Real Madrid were fouling the name of football. Sergio Ramos and Xabi Alonso disgraced the integrity of themselves and the game. We’ve moved forward under Ancelotti, past the days of Jose. More attractive football, some real potential, and a cleaner financial situation. Don’t take wins for granted, ride the blimp, and for heaven’s sake, stay in your seat the full 90.


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