Forgive the Wizard of Oz reference in the title if you will. There are times when news breaks concerning the Chelsea Youth and Reserve team, but it might not warrant a full article for one reason or another. There is an alternative, and growing means of news reporting. Intrigued? Please, do read on.

Naturally, if you’re more than aware of Twitter, then by all means carry on about your business. The idea of this piece is to inform and to cheekily advertise. Twitter has exploded over the last twelve months and is one of the most popular forms of communication. More and more, news and media outlets, celebrities, reporters and whathaveyou are using 140 words or fewer to break news to the masses instantly. As you’d expect, there’s coverage of Chelsea’s Youth and Reserves on there as well. provides news, information, and live match updates from as many games as possible. With well over 1,000 ‘tweets’ since inception back in April 2009, it’s the best way to keep track of all the little stuff which doesn’t always get a mention on CFCnet. Today, for example, has seen updates on Chelsea’s youth internationals and their involvement throughout the day, plus news on Miroslav Stoch being named the Slovakian Under-21 Player of the Year for 2009.

You can either visit the link provided if you don’t have a Twitter account, or you can [email protected] chelseayouth if you do. Spread the word and join in the fun!

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