OK, so it’s been a while, but hopefully you’ll forgive me. Regular readers of the Chelsea Youth and Reserve website may have wondered where it went to late in 2008, and without going into detail, circumstances weren’t ideal for all involved. Hopefully that’s in the past, and therefore you’ll be able to read all the latest on Chelsea’s youth and reserve teams, as before, with a change. It’s all here on CFCnet.

If you look on any page on this main site, you’ll find a Youth and Reserves menu. Clicking on this menu itself will take you to the very latest news surrounding the club’s next generation. If you hover over it, a menu will drop down, and from here you can view player profiles, fixtures, results and statistics from the current season, and in time hopefully expanded to archived stuff, maybe including academy alumni. Throughout the season, you can expect match reports, news, and editorial on the club below first team level.

Bear with it for the short term, as some of the pages might look slightly rudimentary, but the content – especially the profiles – is there. Everyone at CFCnet hopes that you enjoy this coverage, or find it useful in some form. Don’t forget that you can also discuss a wide-ranging number of issues regarding the youth and reserve teams on the CFCnet Forums, where some very dedicated users from across the globe often glean some of the hardest information to come by. Their work will occasionally shape some of the content on this site, and it wouldn’t be what it is without them.

Here’s to a great 2009/10 season!

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